UNIT : 3 Interdisciplinary Practice                                                                        


The Wallpaper Affair


The project I am working on explores the theme of  wallpaper design and pattern incentivize via reviewing a range of museum archive collection illustrating 19th century historic to contemporary wall covering design, technique and materials, commencing  with “Museum of domestic design and Architecture” that holds collection of wallpapers, designs books, catalogs and magazines from 19th and 20th  century in particular the records of the silver studio, a design practice from 1880.. To magnify the subject practical application I plan to survey wallpaper conservation of English Heritage historic interiors at – 18 Stafford terrace house, London and Wrest park house Silsoe.


Objective & Expected outcome

The wallpaper affair relies on the deep embedded emotional connotation of wallpaper. This project is an attempt to bring a new interpretation by blending personal responses with concrete theme of build structures and  nature, Therefore I Intent to collate the physical wallpaper designs held in the museum collections plus botanic plants illustrations - some extinct and some modern and raiding own archive of existing drawings borrowed from architecture to create a series of innovative print wallpaper artwork which remain rooted in the shared experience of living in domestic wallpapered space. Personal association like these which links place along evocative medium of memory and nature are the basis of this research project which shall allow me to move my work perception between what I see and What I feel.


Action Plan

Museums /Organisation / events


  • MODA – Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture , London : 18 February 2019

  • Whitworth Art Gallery – Exhibition “ Bodies of colour”: Breaking with Stereotypes in the Wallpaper Collection, Manchester : 9 March 2019

  • English Heritage, 18 Stafford terrace:  home of the Punch illustrator Edward Linley Sambourn, London : 27 February 2019.

  • English Heritage, Wrest Park: House of the 1860, Silsoe, Bedfordshire.

  • Victoria & Albert Museum: “Wallpaper sketched, samples, reference material” collection from The art and design archive.

  • Natural History Museum: Archive of “William Bartram drawings”, Modern Botanic Plants: 14 March 2019.

  • Wallpaper making with Allyson Mcdermott. : workshop and lecture - London Craft Week in conjunction with the William Morris Society and Emery Walker House, Hammersmith: 10 May 2019.




  • Walking around interior markets for visual inspiration – Upper street and House of hackney, Liberty London.

  • Visiting Design centre, Chelsea harbour, London : 10, March 2019 as part of London design week -  Textures and techniques , the making of extinct animals wallcoverings by Arte. Also viewing other showrooms display.

  • Attending “Patrick Baty” talk on interior design colours :The quest for colour standards in 20th century Britain.

  • Talking to Matthew meadows at Brixton Print Shed on his practice and methods of hand made wallpaper, and conservation for wallpaper manufacturing industries.

  • Studying the history and new research on wallpaper, pattern and human psyche through library resources.

  • Reviewing other artists and designers work..








Reviewing existing research material

Collecting data, images.

Visiting Museum, talk, gallery, events.

Analysing data and taking feedback






Observing and interpreting research and other sources.

Experimenting, taking feedback

Creating outcomes




Preparing supporting documents