MA Painting interim show

The Nunnery


3 May- 5 May 2019


This show reflects the group’s approach to exhibition-making, which engaged ourselves equally with institution and opportunity organised by us.

The show to brought the diverse nature of works of us the MA students together to be examined  outside of the studio spaces. I also saw it as an example of curation opportunity having an experience of process involved to put together a successful group exhibition. This also sets us an example on how to approach our degree shows in September.

It was a space of talks, discussion on each other’s process, paintings and practice, it was a test for myself to work under pressure along with my ongoing study and art practice. The works in the show reveals the distinctive ideas of paintings  from across countries, culture and places.  Although the term `Squeezed was coined in response to the ideas and concepts that get  squeezed and filter though an artist mind. The  material approaches shared by many of the works on display make it tempting to view the exhibition as a single  statement. These included foregrounding of installation in support of painting,  the use of textures and flowing fabric surfaces to acrylic painting on unstretched canvas and  all sizes and medium of works.

Nunnery gallery is situated in a unique building on the ground floor of a former nineteenth-century convent, surrounded by Bow Arts studios.  Many of its original architectural details, like its church like ambiance of arches in the gallery remain intact – and we wanted to employs these to idiosyncratic effect while curating the show. A collaboration between us as artists/ students on curation unfolding throughout a series of days that draws upon collecting and  managing the artworks , transportation, preparing the gallery space ready for the show- hanging up the show together keeping in  attention on which work is to be displayed along on side by side to each other. As an exhibition it led to overall shared experiences of artistic and curation responses; to each part of the show. It is, however, interesting to see the evolution as an artist that you already friend or familiar with in a group show. The show’s title, squeezed could refer to our art journey: constant cycles of reinvention, rediscovery and reflection. Look, then look again.