Process of drawing and pattern making

A necessary component in art and design, a form or a  pattern is the base level template for every piece of art that starts its journey from a drawing on paper. However, as necessary as it is to in designing, it is equally challenging in fine art too because of its very technical aspect of the process.  In my practice pattern drafting requires a high degree of my mind and eyes conscious attention, and certain ambitions, for a successful pattern to be drafted. This becomes hard to bring up something as sometimes the designing the pattern has taken relentless hours into its repetitive production. The more draft the better it is.  It is like exquisite  to problem solving, and immediately their minds starts  to compute  math, and how those lines and shapes can be accomplished in the drawing and drafting it on paper first. Sometimes I draft a pattern or at least a layout on computer using Photoshop it the pattern I want to achieve is complex and requires 2 to 3 layers overlapping each other but most of the times I prefer to draw a motif, drawing on paper by hand first and then take it to the computer for further editing if required.

Once the pattern/ motif/ drawing is finalized I think about its registration on the surface, in my case it is mostly on canvas or wood panel. When its placement is decided on the surface I make a draft on transparent tracing paper by repeating the single motif/ drawing I sketched out on paper by repeating it keeping in align the proper registration of the drawing. after drafting the front, back, and details in repetition, that’s a good place to stop.  This leaves me to again transfer the whole series of these pattern onto the canvas surface. Like I said above, it's a massive investment of time to draft your own patterns. There are also  pattern books that have all of the math and measurements and steps involved for making your own patterns.

Here is one example of how I extracted and designed the water wave pattern for my recent painting " somewhere".

1. Original image of water wave
Photographing and selecting the image- editing- cropping- changing the color hue & saturation
2. Graphic image
Graphic Image made on Photoshop by manipulating the original image
2. Image repetition
3. sample drawing
Drafting examples and samples of water wave
5. Drafting sample
6. Drafting and selecting pattern
7. Final draft on graphic paper
8. Draft tracing paper
Pattern copied/ transferred on tracing paper
9. Draft on paper
the single pattern of water wave is transferred to tracing paper and repeated many number of times till it fulfills the desired space on the painting surface
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One more example to show how I designed pattern digitally on photoshop.

1. Cheetah  design on Photoshop
2. Cheetah design on paper
3. Vase patterning on Photoshop
4. layering on photoshop
5. layering pattern
6. Masking pattern
7. Pattern on tracing paper.
8. Making on canvas
9. Final design on canvas
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