Nature in Interiors , Kew garden and Biophilic design

Ahead continuing with the experience at Kew gardens, my core interest in interiors has had ab impelling urge to depict natural substances for instance plants/ colour green in interiors within my paintings. In study of that I came to know about a new phenomenon called as Biophilia. we all are connected to nature in every sense and believe.

So Biophilia (meaning love of nature)focuses on human inmate attraction to nature. it suggests that we all have a genetic connection to the natural world- term given by Psychologist Edward O Wilson, 1980's.

It is no hidden from anyone the increasing high rates of migration to urban setting in developed cities has led to increasing mental health causes (depression, insomnia etc.), therefore using biophilic principles is an ever enlarging demand for well being in build environment. The going body of research demonstrates incorporation direct indirect sources of nature indoors reduces stress, heart rates while spreading harmony , productivity, creativity. In particularly mentioning about domestic spaces research shows biophilic design cam make home calm and 4 - 5% increase in property price.

For instance the same rule can be cultivated within painterly surface space by inproving aesthetic environment, incorporation of balancing colour scheme, control composition lines , holistic use of complex forms and patterns.

The green effect : Kew garden

Colour derive meaning from natural environment.

Dark blue- passivity

Yellow,red - Active

Grey, green - calm , suited for relaxing emotions in art.

Garden has been celebrated in art across centuries, bringing together painting, botanic studies, books, manuscripts and design. trough this visit to Kew garden i was falling deep into fresh harmony breath and beauty. A lot of my time is spent in indoor buildings, approx 90%. Plants in glass and concrete shades was fascinating and highlighting all prospects of forest in interiors which is not a real world at the same time. similarly it explore the opportunity for me to use plants, the green effect in interior paintings.

The garden is huge and is impossible task to see everything in one visit. however I managed to see, princess of wales conservatory, Palm House, Temperate home, all were similar conceiving vast collection of plants and trees form oven the world.

that means the human likes to have interaction with nature for example did you know that our brains are mapped to react like the hunter gathers species what we have been for most of our existence on earth? the garden was definitely an inspiration to influence my work and to do so i could use man made wood furniture, modular timber floor, wallpaper or carpet patterns which can be mimic the randomness and complexity of a leaf forest floor and use green colour. The key part is the similar order of biophilic design I can apply in interior paintings.