On Colour

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

In reality colours have a massive affect on how a space attributes to the occupant eyes , harmony to mind and emotions. Similarly in interiors colours connect the walls to the ceiling to small patterned curtains to the floor to the sofas, bed, things , windows and so on till the extend of exteriors.

Moreover colours provide composition a sharp mapping to the forms hence allowing to invoke every titchy corner of the painting.

To me the chief function of colour is be able to serve expression, depth and sensation to the painting and to the eyes. I choose to apply tones without any preconceived plans.

Colour has never being a question of quantity rather of choice in my painting practice.

Whence my choices of colour occurs without me being dependent on any other theories or Principles. However I simply try to out colour which inspire my visual sensation. Subsequently until I have attain a definite proportion and consistency of tones , I aim to work and make more trial to a point I find a perfect momentum/ peace where all forms in the composition wisely balance one another.

I consider drawing is an important role in achieving the end results in a painting as it becomes impossible to think of drawing separate against colour. Since, I can not apply colour chaotically or randomly. There are always limits and divisions may it be a single line or group of lines into a form.

Colour+ Form = Content

I find colour in mixing: in mixing colour to each other , each result slightly differ from the previous one.

What I find interesting is I use combinations of two, three, four or five colours. And that might include only a range of reds; cadmium deep red, permanent rose, crimson red, magenta, Indian red together to create a new kind of red. The same applies with blues, browns, yellows or even contrasting colours like ultramarine blue with lemon yellow - producing a different shade of green.

I intend to make unusual combinations completely derived instantly, feelings which I may have had never used and later see how would it react to its adjacent colour block on the painting surface. I also strongly believe all colour has its individualistic identity and are dominant in themselves, no need to compare.