Colour Palette and analysis

Updated: May 22, 2019

Since the origination of the colour wheel by Newton, it has become one of the most powerful tools available to artists for explaining the relationship between colours.

Perhaps Color has a powerful influence over human behavior, to the extent it can manipulate your perception of what is actually there.

There are a number of commonly known color combinations which can be used to evoke certain emotions from the viewer. Before starting a painting, I briefly like to consider my initial colour scheme, combination to ensure it aligns with my desired statement/ atmosphere of the painting. For example, I always make a map in my head , sometimes I choose a dominant color and use the other color as an accent.

I intent to use a relaxing color combination using colors positioned next to each other on the color wheel.

I find it experimenting when two contrasting colour scheme (juxtaposing ) when applied together makes a new harmonious connection. Thus , this results me making a range of colour and mixtures, many of them I use and some I make for testing and trying new colour combinations. But I also think It is important and difficult to properly balance the colors to not overwhelm the viewer. For this I will be making my next work using a selected colour palette , that I am sure will give a new perception to my paintings while allowing the viewer to connect with the colours and the composition with equal attention everywhere on the painted surface.

'the other somewhere' painting colour scheme

Seeing my work that has always been impelled with colours Benet Spencer( artist) whom I met for a short discussion focusing on my work and Matthew Meadows ( wallpaper print maker) whom I met for my wallpaper designing research. They have suggested me to create my own colour atlas, that shall help me record my colour process and will also allow me to explore the same colours in future in my works. This was a valid advice that I have started to develop upon.

Try and tesing colour combinations