MA Painting 

Degree Show


The Wimbledon College of Arts MA Painting degree show opens on Thursday 5 September 6 - 9pm as part of the Wimbledon MA Summer Show 2019.

The exhibition runs from 6 - 12 September.

Opening hours: Sat 11am - 5pm | Sun Closed | Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm

Wimbledon College of Arts UAL, Merton Hall Road, London SW19 3QA

Please see the MA Painting website for a preview of the work that will be on



There will be a closing event on Thursday 12 September 6.30pm, Lecture Theatre, Wimbledon College of Arts with a talk by Hurvin Anderson.  

Following his talk, Hurvin Anderson will be in conversation with Geraint Evans, Course Leader MA Painting at Wimbledon and Prof. Rebecca Fortnum, senior tutor research at the Royal College of Art.

This event coincides with the Wimbledon MA Painting degree show and will be preceded by a DRAW event - a tour of the MA Drawing degree show led by Prof. Rebecca Fortnum. This event commences at the college reception at 5pm and all are welcome.

Hurvin Anderson’s paintings explore the way community and identity can be represented, drawing upon his Jamaican heritage as well as referencing wider art history. Repeated images such as the interior of barbershops appear throughout his paintings as a place synonymous with community and affirmation for many Afro-Caribbean migrants. His work pays homage to this cultural history and explores themes of memory, identity, perception and nationhood. As Anderson observes: “I do look at things from both sides of myself in a way: the Jamaican side and the British side. It’s a kind of alter ego — this questioning things, trying to see how one side affects the other.”
Hurvin Anderson’s solo exhibitions include: They Have a Mind of Their Own, Rat Hole Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2019); Foreign Body, Michael Werner Gallery, New York, USA (2016); Backdrop, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada (2016); Dub Versions, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK (2016); Backdrop, CAM, St.Louis, USA (2015); Reporting Back, IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK (2013); Subtitles, Michael Werner Gallery, New York, USA (2011); and ART NOW: Hurvin Anderson, Tate Britain, London, UK (2009). Hurvin was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2017 and is represented by Thomas Dane Gallery, London.

More on developing the show

As we were entering into the last term of our degree, It was time for us to move into our new studio spaces for building up the degree show during the summers of July and August. It was a great feeling as I was getting a much bigger space to work on and finally bigger space to exhibit the show. However a number of changes will be required in the studio like some parts of the studio wall needs painting which can be done  as the work develops over the summer and see what works best with what and in what position. I had worked in my new painting studio for the entire summer (July- August), as It was an end of my MA Painting course as a student, I wanted to make best use of working in the college studio.

I think letting the students decide and plan their shows helps  to understand the plan and process that goes in building up a good group exhibition show which in return can be used in my future professional practices.

 Hence, a lot of thinking has already started almost before an one and half month to the show, so to organise the final display plan, invites, bar at the private view, marketing, website, catalogue and the overall cost of everything. Although our generally our tutor Geraint has explained us about the fundraising for the show in one of his professional practice seminar but due to limited amount of time on being on a one year MA course it becomes quite time consuming for us to divide the focus and time  in middle of work. However, I do agree for such initiative in my upcoming career plans to be part of such form events like fundraising for art.

One more things that is required is designing our own postcards, business cards, invite posters, show catalogue and website digitally. Because it is always better to learn and do such by myself as being an artist. This will help me save money unnecessarily by not asking anyone to do it for me, instead I use Photoshop, Coral Draw for editing,  Wix for making website, and Canva for easy and creative design ideas.

It was very easy to design a postcard simplly through using a template from  Canva -  and then to lay out  a pdf ready for print afterwards. Similarly an official website has been developed using online platform WIX to promote our show online where everyone can see behind the scenes, work in progress, studios, and our profiles on one site.

I found Wix easy to use for me as a beginner to create my own online research folio and then I can anytime develop and update it further.

Preparing and cleaning up the studios

Before a week or two It is very Important for me to stop working on my paintings and start thinking about prepping up for the display and the show. For that I had cleaned up the space and firstly painted the walls with white emulsion color one day and left it to dry, secondly next day we painted the floor (if required) with oil floor paint which requires to be blended properly with the binder that floats above the paint in a new oil box container at least for 5 minutes .

Then paint the floor using a big flat brush and roll it over using a roller so to allow the paint applied become flat and thin.

Show is being promoted through our own social medias, like Facebook, Instagram and websites whereas Marketing is been handled by the college marketing team as well as by the us( students).

In the digital marketing seminar I have learned few ways to promote a show that includes:

  • Countdown before the show on Instagram or Facebook Countdown to the event creates buzz.

  • Sending personal email invites to the potential visitors

  • Forming a newsletter list and updating people who wants to follow my art by asking them and sending weekly or monthly newsletter (talking about recent works, shows, travel updates).

  • Maintaining and updating Website

  • Always take good photographs of the work using DSLR camera.

  • Putting across Information about project and work clearly on social media

  • Instagram stories with necessary hashtags

  • Scheduled Blogging

Doing labelling is not a stress, As ours is a group show therefore labelling has to be in a symmetry. We have decided to put artist description/ statements along with the title, medium and size alongside to the our work in the same order as our work has been hanged/ installed in the studios. I think sometimes it helps the visitors to know more about the artist work by reading about him/her.

The show opens on Thursday 5th September 2019 with a private View from 6pm – 9 pm.

The Bar will be set with free drinks.


Shifting to summer studio spaces

Degree show planning and ongoing process

Designing postcard

(business card)

Social media promotion

Labeling and invigilation

Final Day - Private view