Drawing Painting

My first sketches are very fluid and non-specific. An idea becomes clearer, the drawings becomes simpler, until there might be just few lines. It is seen that architects draws sketch because they find it to be one of the best methods of communicating ideas with others, and because they need   to download their ideas from brain to paper and there is no more direct way. The experience of recording what I see or imagine enables me to bring back a new way of seeing as well as sketchbooks full of information and an understanding of architectural principles. It helps to return with the understanding of another culture, history, place and the emotions, and memories. This level of engagement allows me to see and see again. Hand drawn lines might start from a similar position, but its journey is looser, explanatory even more adventurous. The speed of placing the lines allows my brain to adjust and unlikely change direction. I discover at the end of the line that I have arrived somewhere I didn’t necessarily expect.