When I look at natural landscapes on TV, magazine or internet , I find so satisfying is the absolute detail in flora and build environment variations.

It is been determined in design studies that, human tends to not just want mystery but as well complexity and I would like to apply this  to the build environment also such as interiors. In other words , I believe our inherently curious minds are drawn to complexity. I prefer to see undulation , trees, rivers, mountains , lakes rather than a featureless plain similarly, it turns out that humans are also automatically drawn to interiors that present around us with complexity.

According to academic text complexity can be defined as the  number of individual elements with a particular surface area which have a noticeable difference from one another. To me these elements can be decorative and or structural like wallpaper, pattern design, tiles flooring, furniture, mysterious corners, windows, Colour walls, balconies and so on.


As much as I like complexity, my personal satisfaction requires some sense of rational division, a sense of balance in order which somehow leads to the sense of harmony into a space. Or It could be said in relation to the potential viewers perception of my works in which, when l feel over whelmed with more complex structures and colour range I seem to limit the reach to a point where one tend to experience a state of conceptual confusion. A point where one cant make any sense of what we are seeing until one start to realize a sense of stability and order of chaos in each element - cultivating and displaying identity and belonging within the space or to other objects around.


Mystery in complexity

Research by American geographer Roger Ulrich suggests that satisfaction is increased of some of the scene fall away and is hidden. As  I like to explore a new landscape immediately beyond one limits of what I can see right now, waiting to be discovered and this is likely to be underpinned by my curiosity to explore new dimensions. The same goes true when it comes to the appearance of an interior space. This leads me to think about collages where I tend to prefer/ create less conventional layouts,  I get excited by their obscurity,  as if satisfying curiosity, in summary I would like to see my works containing interiors of spaces and homes to have a refuge, an element of mystery within limits and also prospect ( like an exposure to nature ).