Group Exhibition from 11- 18 January 2019

Yunus EMRE Institute

The exhibition recognizes 23 artworks by Us MA Painting students based on the theme Artopia, an initial experience for all of us to overview the question and thinking of working as part of a group. The exhibition was a gathering event of cultural amalgamation of art and ideas coming across boundaries of different nations and sharing our connection to each other in this international era.

The information gathered through this exhibit were informative in understanding how the viewer experience the show. My work called “A Pleasant Corner” was hung just opposite the reception desk. To me the learning to take away was to compose and assemble key points to answer sometime usual and also not so conventional questions that a viewer has.

16 January 2019

3-5 PM

Exhibition Tutorial / Group Critique

This state of art exhibit is to reflect upon the overall- putting a group show, on curation, and the space itself. These topics have been uniformly discussed, the curation was managed in accordance to size, medium, styles of paintings and mainly placing works on contrasting elements, on the entrance to the gallery the corner space was occupied with works depicting theme exterior and interior, following was a section of portrait works, further anatomy inspired works, some were mythological, utopian space and some digitally inspired.

I agree that we felt it is to be review working in such space as it was difficult to exhibit within a noisy surrounds like here textures of woody interiors potentially may have been designed for conference and official panel meetings.

The focus point of the whole exhibit was began executing the works in hand at that time while Geraint had something importantly mentioned that- every space has its own ideology and architecture, when a artwork is displayed in, it becomes one fragment of that gallery wall thence they speak cooperatively. What more was noticed is to follow a pattern, concept of the show when working in a group having different art practice that may be keeping a definite size, or just having to exhibit selected pieces of works.

In contrast to this space, minimalist gallery whiteness where the colour white on walls evoke power jointly upon artworks. Hereafter it has to concerned how to recruit to a space already having a lot of stuff communicating the eyes rather letting pay attention on works. For instance V&A museum explores historic, contemporary classic wallpapers throughout the museum and archive of art & design because wallpaper since history has been a story teller along the archives.

One of the major conversation also include how to think unconventional way of installing work may be to put white panels at the center of the room to recall more impact for the viewer to spend more time in artworks. The key responses to my work received in the critique were- high saturation, graphic, detailed, astonishing, luxury interior. I found it very interesting that few believed my work was unfinished to which I could explain is to be able to know when to stop because I think a painting is never complete and I still can go on making new marks or layering over the older ones.

Moreover colour plays a significant part,  in a group show the colour in works represent a lot meaning that might convey or later the space  and other works in the room whereas if not curated carefully subdued or might be a vibrant colour tone can suck life from an adjoining piece of art.

The most interesting question raised was to know if its is necessary to develop a body of work work in accordance to the market demand to find more audience to buy art?

Its was pretty hard to predict the exact explanation . there are thought of cultural ignorance in an artist mind or what if the painting delivers cultural insensitivity. I believe  there is always a very little chance we know about the world through media and internet. There could be such occurrence in professional practice which I consider can be organised via good communication with exhibiting galleries across their specification (if any).