Manisha Saini

artist statement

I paint what I have never seen.  Thinking through image-making, I create imaginary ‘inscapes’ that merge elements of classical European architecture and Indian culture.  Occupied by associative patterns and repetitive geometries rather than people, these scenes align with Marc Augé’s ‘non-spaces’ devoid of social relations and between real and imaginary .  Through meditative painting processes, I elevate familiar and everyday places that usually pass us by unnoticed.  My art has often been termed as merely ‘decorative’ but I would like to challenge this label.  Hence, my paintings challenge the value systems dividing decorative arts, design and fine art to accept them on equal terms.

Collapsing time into space, the tautology of my interiors is schematic and invites the viewer into a state of speculation.  My intention to visually entangle the painting and still activating a perfect alignment offers a satisfying demonstration of form veracity in controlled force. Calculative measures are considered in vertical and horizontal directions  of intersecting line densities to extend  dynamic spatial dimensions while conveying  three dimensional width on two dimensional surface.

Layered composite drawings subvert the conventions of perspective, hinting at the chaotic complexity of order.  The elements of flatness, line, form and collage  compel as  layers of information into the history of my painting process. The passages, pillars, steps and platforms of the past lead into contemporary worlds that strive to be non-hierarchical. 

Thus, these intricacies may lead to aesthetic entanglement, holding spectators attention in constant motion of having discovering something new via subtle shifts in perspective.